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Modelling Local Mammal Sr Isotopes - A Sr Calculation Tool

The assessment of the local 87Sr/86Sr signature is of crucial importance in anthropological home habitat detection studies. How can the local 87Sr/86Sr range be estimated and what kind of samples may be used?
We created a concentration-weighted mixing model for the calculation of the 87Sr/86Sr range expected for locally residential mammals using 87Sr/86Sr values and Sr concentrations of modern environmental material collected at the investigation sites.

To learn more about the study and to download the calculation Excel file, please follow the link below:

Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) clustering tool

Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) cluster analysis enables the classification of multi-dimensional data and the allocation of data into mathematically separated clusters. This can also allow the detection of otherwise invisible patterns in the data under study.

We provide an R script including the R codes and explanations of these codes. Moreover, you only have to change small parts of the codes in order to adjust them to your data set (e.g. the number of isotopic systems). Thus, even if you are not experienced with R, you can run this script. Start with the example data and adjust the script as described.

Please follow the link below for download options: